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I would love to help you find it! I have been helping buyers find their homes since 2006. I have seen it all and I have helped my clients reach their dreams and their goals in every market!

I starting my business just before the Great Recession helping my buyers through the craziness of the bank owned era, I have helped my clients through COVID shutdown, the housing shortage of the 2020s and countless changes in the market.

Each client I help has a unique goals and needs, and each market has its unique challenges, but I have so many of my community members, neighbors, relocators, friends and neighbors find the homes that they love every time!

Now....I would love to add you to my long list of happy clients! It would be my privilege and my honor to help you! Feel free to search for homes right from this page, or sign up for my neighborhood news or view my free Home Buying Guide below!

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Hope to be working with you soon!


~ Michelle

“Own your dreams”

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